Maintenance technical status update

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Maintenance status update:

Dear users, technical works are still underway. On 25th October our main server provider in Paris stopped to provide to us services without any explanation. In result over 60 of our servers became unavailable. Since that time we work hard to restore access to the platform and all system functionality by urgent change of the location of our servers. Our cold storage of all cryptocurrencies at the platform was not affected so all your funds are safe in whole.

For today we have managed to run main trade system part in new allocated servers in Netherlands and Germany. Our whole team is actively engaged in the elimination of this problem and the restoration of the normal operation of the system.

Trading part of our system has been launched today. Unfortunately, deposits are still unavailable because of long process of all blockchains resync that may take several days to complete. Withdrawals option is available but will be done manually and may take more time than usual. We promise that during next week all issues with the platform will be fixed and it will be fully operational.

We do not refuse from our obligations and will continue to work further. We hope for your understanding and support.

Tomorrow we will make next maintenance status update.