Pay trading commissions in IQF

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Dear users!

You have been asking us for a long time what is the use of our IQF token.

So we are ready to answer you! Besides the fact that this is a very promising trading tool, with a constantly high price, now it is also a way of paying trade commissions with a 50% discount !!!

We have implemented the ability to pay trading commissions, charged for each transaction in IQF tokens. Moreover, paying the trade commission in IQF tokens, you get a 50% discount on the commission

How it works?

Go to the platform, open the section IQF token in the left corner on the toolbar.

Next you will see the checkbox - Using IQF to pay for fees.

By default, this option is disabled for all of the user. If you want to pay a trading commission in IQF tokens, tick the checkbox. Done! Now the commission will be charged to you in IQF tokens, with the 50% discount! The data on the amount of the charged fee, can be seen in the detailed information about the closed order, with a list of all closed orders!

Please note that if your account does not have enough IQF tokens, then the fee will be charged in the same way as always.

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Thank you for staying with us!