IQFinex added drawing tools

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Dear users,

We have great news. Our development do not stay on the one place. 03/29/19 we added drawing tools to the IQFinex crypto exchange, for even more comfortable trading and competent analysis of the market situation.

The following drawing tools are now available to all our users:


This is the basic element of technical analysis. The following options are available on our exchange:

- Horizontal line

- Vertical line

- Ray

- Line

- Arrow

The platform also allows you to choose the color and thickness of the line. It is also possible to edit the tool already affixed.


One of the most popular instruments is the Fibonacci correction. Fibonacci levels are used to determine the most likely trend reversal points for corrective movements.

Drawing tools are one of the most important tools for a trader, so we advise you to pay your special attention to our innovation.

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Thank you for staying with us!